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  • Charles Rotenberg

Liberal MPs Calling for True Consultation

Much has been written, by me and others, about the July 18th tax proposals. The Government has set aside 75 days for “consultation” when Parliament isn’t sitting.

These are the most significant tax changes in 45 years, and Messrs. Trudeau and Morneau are, frankly, outright lying about the impact of these changes on the middle class. And they continually say that they are not changing their position – that hardly sounds like consultation.

Tax changes such as these have never been undertaken without true consultation with the public and the tax community. If they are so sure about their position, they should not be afraid of a true period of consultation.

Many of us have heard from Liberal insiders that there is true concern among Members who have had a chance to speak with their constituents. Many are afraid to speak out publicly because of possible retribution.

Perhaps that is changing.

We need to recognize the moral courage of Julie Dabrusin, Liberal Member of Parliament for Toronto-Danforth. In a letter to Finance Minister Morneau, dated September 7th, she clearly shows that she has been listening to her constituents.

She is not calling for doing away with the proposals – she is simply calling for a true period of consideration and consultation.

We can only hope that more of her caucus colleagues follow her lead.



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