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Personal Tax Planning and Estate Planning


The only things that are certain are death and taxes. 

Chuck has particular expertise in ongoing personal taxation and methods to reduce a family’s overall tax liabilities, in order to maximize after tax returns.  This includes the use of structures to split income and capital among family members to minimize tax and maximize the availability of the capital gains exemption on a sale of a business.  Remuneration strategies and retirement planning are a key element of your personal and estate planning.

In planning your estate it is important to have someone who understands the tax and estate issues.  Wills should be reviewed at regular intervals and more often when changes in tax rules are introduced. 

In planning your estate, it is important to understand the role of insurance and how it fits into your overall portfolio.  There is often a disconnect between the lawyers and accountants, on the one hand, and the financial planners and insurance professionals on the other.  Many of the professionals find that Chuck can bridge that divide.

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