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Business and Corporate Tax Planning


There are a number of different ways in which a business can be structured – proprietorships, partnerships, co-tenancies, trusts and corporations.  Every structure has different tax consequences, and every structure will not be suitable for every business.

Every transaction, including the purchase or sale of a business, has numerous ways in which it can be structured, and each has different tax consequences.

Reorganizations of corporations and other structures, for business, tax or estate planning purposes are also heavily dependent upon the tax results to determine what makes sense.

During the lifetime of a business, the most tax efficient methods of dealing with employee share ownership and owner/manager remuneration are always important and subject to regular changes in tax laws.


The large legal and accounting firms have tax departments that can deal with these matters, but the tax issues are beyond the scope of most smaller legal and accounting firms.

Chuck has been assisting small to medium size legal and accounting firms, and financial planners and their clients to navigate the tax issues for more than 35 years.

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