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  • Charles Rotenberg


The Department of Finance and the Liberal government continue in their assertions that the new tax proposals are only going to affect the rich and that most small businesses will not be affected.

They must assume that if they tell this lie often enough people will believe it.

My colleagues, Kim Moody and Kenneth Keung, from Moodys Gartner Tax Law have written a very informative blog showing this lie for what it is.

With their kind permission, I am reproducing their posting. Download a copy here.

This posting not only shows the pronouncements for the lies that they are, but also show the immense new complexity being added to the administration of our tax system – they will require enormous expenditures for professional fees to determine what these rules mean and how they might be implemented.

It is important that everyone write to the Department of Finance Consultation address, with a copy to the Prime Minister, and a copy to your Member of Parliament. You may also want to write to Senators. The bill will still have to pass the Senate, our “House of Second Sober Thought”. Remember, Trudeau removed all Liberal Senators from the Liberal caucus.


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