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Liberal Advisor Contemptuous of Effect on Family Farms

September 11, 2017

In a TV interview Finance Minister refused to answer the question about the effects of his tax proposals on small businesses and family farms.  He continually reverted to the canned speech about how these proposals will only affect the wealthy few.


Morneau is either completely disingenuous, or arrogantly ignoring the comments and advice from tax professionals and small business and farm organizations across the country.

Morneau is relying on advice from Michael Woolfson, an ivory tower University of Ottawa economist who admits that he has not considered the agricultural industry, but believes that perhaps there are more efficient ways to produce food than through family farms.


Greg Gartner, a name partner at Moodys Gartner Tax Law has written an excellent piece on the effect of these proposals on the family farm.


With the kind permission of Moodys Gartner, I am reproducing his commentary. 

Someone should remind the Liberal Government that the last time they relied on economists who know nothing of the real world, the result was the McEachern Budget, and we all know how well that turned out.


It is important that everyone write to the Department of Finance Consultation address, with a copy to Prime Minister Trudeau and a copy to your Member of Parliament.  You may also want to write to Senators.  The bill will still have to pass the Senate, our “House of Second Sober Thought”.  Remember, Trudeau removed all Liberal Senators from the Liberal caucus.





CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PDF COPY OF Greg Gartner's blog post article


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